Want to learn how to deal with stress?
Want to learn how to stay positive and balance your emotions?
Want to know the best methods to resolve a family conflict?

Want to talk about positive relationships?
Want to learn about how to study for that math test?


Or just need to talk to some one? …Let’s Chat! 


Let us help you —and if we can’t, there’s a very good chance we know who can.


We help over 6,000 young people just like you—some come on their own, some come with friends, parents, a relative or other people or places. We’ve been helping youth in the community for more than 102 years, helping them reach their potential and prepare them with the skills for success.


You may choose to visit our Walk-in Clinic. Available Monday to Friday, 5 days a week at YouthLink 747 Warden Ave. ‘what’s up’ Walk In® Clinic is a FREE mental health and addictions counselling service for youth and families to help with issues like depression, bullying, sexual identity, behavioural concerns …or anything else that’s on your mind. You don’t need an appointment, you don’t need a health card, it’s totally free…and it’s easy.

We’ll just ask you to fill out a few short forms and then you’ll see someone who will listen to you and help you figure out what to do to feel better. We have counselors that can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Urdu, Hindi, Armenian and French.




You are welcome to come to Walk-in on your own, with a friend or with a family member. The most important thing is that you come.



If you are experiencing an emergency and you need immediate help please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.