Board of Directors


Stephen Drielsma, President

Chilton Ng, Vice-President

Michel Lozier, Board Member

Karl Smith, Board Member

Rick Owens, Board Member

Deborah Nurse, Board Member

Jennie Pickard, Board Member

Dawn Sancho, Board Member

Jason Balgopal, Board Member

Sharon McBrien, Board Member

Jun Bu, Board Member




Janice Hayes
Executive Director

Rick Dybvig
Director, Finance and Administration

Michael Tross
Director, Client Services

Denise Chan
Director, Human Resources


Board Member Bio’s


Stephen Drielsma, is a Chartered Professional Accountant with a BA in economics from York University, has Board experience in the for-profit and the not-for-profit sectors. Prior to assuming the role as Chair of the Board of YouthLink, he served as Vice Chair since 2014, and Treasurer since 2012.  In addition, in the corporate sector he has extensive experience in leading teams of professionals in the development, implementation, and maintenance of effective corporate and financing structures for a number of major Canadian companies with international operations.


Karl Smith, is a passionate financial advisor, who focuses on helping clients realize their financial dreams.  With over 25 years in the financial industry, Karl has held many roles and responsibilities within the retail bank which include Private Banking and various management positions. His passion for others has led him to his dream position assisting his clients to their financial freedom with Freedom55. Karl believes that giving back to his community is important and has sat on several boards and committees where he has assisted in creating jobs for abused women, raising funds for healthcare facilities and delivering presentations for at risk youth in troubled neighborhoods. As the catalyst for change, Karl sees that our youth is the key to our future, and he would like to contribute his management skills and financial experience to the board to champion the YouthLink cause.

Chilton Ng
, is the Manager of Enterprise HR Reporting Operations at the Royal Bank of Canada.  He has over 5 years of management experience in financial services with expertise in business strategy, operations, and enterprise business intelligence.  He is very passionate about helping youth and frequently volunteers for organizations such as Let’s Talk Science, Junior Achievements, and the Juvenile Diabetes and Research Foundation.  Chilton holds a BASc in Industrial Engineering, MBA, and license to practice professional engineering (P.Eng.) in the province of Ontario.


Michel Lozier, is a realtor and marketing professional with more than 25 years of private and public sector experience assisting organizations improve their image and extend their reach. Michel is also the co-founder of Entruphema Inc., the developer and distributor of DICODEC™, an e-commerce content delivery platform serving consumers in over 85 countries. The company also owns and operates a digital distribution division licensing content to television and mobile operators worldwide. Michel has played various executive roles over the years establishing strategic alliances with an array of partners and stakeholders around the globe.

Michel has taught online marketing at Cardian University, and is the author of La 1,225e étoile, a children’s book. He is also involved with Artscape Toronto, where he sits on the steering committee responsible for the creation of an entrepreneurial skills-development center for the artistic sector. In addition, he has been a member of the Association of Cultural Executives, the Union des artistes and the Société des auteurs de radio, télévision et cinema.



Rick Owens, is a Professor and coordinator with the School of Social and Community Services at George Brown College. His experience in social work spans more than 25 years, from front-line to senior management positions in youth justice, children’s mental health, developmental services, health and education settings.


Deborah Nurse, Although much of her work experience has been in the Caribbean, Deborah has spent the last few years in Ottawa working on her PhD in public policy, and recently moved to Scarborough.  Her background is in accounting and finance (she has FCPA and FCGA credentials, and degrees in accounting, business and project management/evaluation), but she has moved more into the realm of public policy work, including work with non-profit and non-governmental organizations.  Her experience and expertise in the areas of economic development, finance, strategic and organizational development would be great assets to YouthLink.


Jennie Pickard, Also a resident of Scarborough, Jennie’s extensive background is in health care leadership, particularly in the areas of quality improvement, evidence-based practice, strategic partnerships and integration.  She presently works with an agency of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and has non-profit board experience, as well as more than a decade of mental health nursing earlier in her career.  She has a solid understanding of the ‘business’ of  non-profit organizations, and an even stronger sense of how to measure and improve outcomes.


Dawn Sancho, Dawn’s background is in human resources, which is an area of practice not presently represented on the board.  She now works at senior management level with Ernst and Young, but has also worked in HR at TIFF, which gave her a greater appreciation for what it’s like to work in a sector that is under-resourced and requires a level of creativity to ensure the delivery of services and supports.  Dawn has experience as a member of a board, but of even greater appeal is her certificate in board governance.  Finally, Dawn has a particular interest in issues related to social justice and equity in the workplace, particularly with respect to racialized and marginalized populations.


Jason Balgopal  B.Comm, J.D, A.C.A. , Jason currently works as an Assistant Crown Attorney at the Ministry of the Attorney General graduated from Osgood Hall Law School. Jason is an experienced lawyer, working in Scarborough, with ethnic diversity, and significant experience with NFP social services. Jason was Chair of the Board of Management of Community Centre 55 from 2009 until 2016, other extensive community involvement includes Vice-Chair of the new Board of Directors of The Neighbourhood Group, Friends of Norwood Park,