Counselling can help. Come and see us if you are:

  • Stressed out about school and tests

  • feeling sad or angry most of the time

  • having frequent fights with your parents

  • thinking of running away

  • experiencing the loss of someone close to you

  • struggling to get out of bed during the day

  • drinking or using illegal drugs to cope

  • dealing with a personal issue and want to talk to someone who can help


Parent or caregiver of teens, come to walk-in counselling if you are : 

  • wondering if your youth is using drugs 

  • worried that your youth is cutting themself

  • constantly arguing with your teen

  • concerned that your child is skipping school


Our ‘what’s up’ walk-in® Clinic

Depressed? Bullied? Anxious?

Feeling suicidal? Coming out? Feel like you don’t fit in?


‘what’s up’ Walk In® Clinic is a FREE mental health and addictions counselling service for youth and families to help with issues like depression, bullying, sexual identity, behavioural concerns …or anything else that’s on your mind. Download our poster. 


  • There is no need for an appointment- we work on a “first come, first served” basis.

  • You do not need I.D. or money- the service is free and confidential.

  • If you are over 12 you do not need to come with an adult, but they may join you if you wish.

  • Expect to have a private, conversation with someone you can trust.

  • Our counsellors will help you solve problems in a non-judgemental way.

  • Our counsellors use a collaborative approach- meaning the sessions are guided by your needs and goals.

  • Counsellors can help you connect to other YouthLink or community services.

  • Sessions with a counsellor last for approximately 1 hour.


Counselling Can Support You With:

  • Boosting your self-esteem

  • Working through loss or grief

  • Discovering your identity, values and strengths

  • Overcoming obstacles at school and daily life stressors

  • Coping with overwhelming sadness, fear, worry, anger, frustration and loneliness

  • Managing parent, peer and intimate relationships

  • Responding to bullying

  • Navigating and responding to various forms of oppression (ie. racism, homophobia, transphobia, religious bias, sexism, etc.)


Although many young people and their families find a few sessions will adequately meet their needs, we find others may benefit from on-going counselling. At the end of your session you and the counsellor can discuss if this is appropriate for you.


If you require on-going counselling, the next step will be to contact our Intake Worker, who will help place you on the waitlist. Please call 416-967-1773 ext. 222.


Other counselling service:


YouthLink also offer expressive Art Therapy Group (ATG), interested? For more information or how to sign up click here!



Need Help Right Now? Call one of these 24 hour distress lines:


The walk-in counselling service is not intended for emergency crisis situations. If you need help immediately, call one of the services listed below. You can also got to your nearest hospital or contact the police.


  1. Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868 This is an anonymous, confidential service for youth.

  2. Distress Centre of Toronto 416-408-4357

  3. Youthdale Crisis Line 416-363-9990


Please note our serve is not monitored 24 hours. If you are experiencing an emergency and you need immediate help please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.