Community Services

  • Integra Foundation www.integra.on.ca
    Integra is an accredited Children’s Mental Health Centre located in Toronto; dedicated to helping children and adolescents who experience social, emotional and behavioural problems related to their learning disabilities
  • Oolagen Community Services www.oolagen.org
    Offers a range of programming for youth with mental health needs, including a walk-in clinic for counselling
  • Distress Centres of Torontowww.torontodistresscentre.com
    Provides 24-hour telephone support to those experiencing emotional distress or in need of crisis intervention and suicide prevention
    416-408-HELP (4357)
  • East Metro Youth Services www.emys.on.ca
    A multi-service adolescent mental health centre serving young people and their families
  • George Hull Centre for Children and Families www.georgehullcentre.on.ca
    Mental health services for children up to age 18 and their families
  • Espace Jeunesse www.centrefranco.org
    French Language mental health services for youth
    416-922-2672, ext 290
  • Gerstein Centre www.gersteincentre.org
    24-hour crisis services in Toronto and York
  • Griffin Centre www.griffin-centre.org
    Multi-service mental health agency providing flexible and accessible services to youth, adults and their families
  • Integrated Community Health Crisis Response Program
    24-hour crisis services in Etobicoke and North York
  • Kids Help Phone www.kidshelpphone.ca
    24-hour, national telephone and online counselling, referral and information services for children, youth and young adults
  • LGBT Youth Line www.youthline.ca
    Peer support phone line for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, 2-spirited, queer and questioning youth
  • Scarborough Mobile Crisis Centre
    24-hour crisis services in East York and Scarborough
  • Supporting Our Youth (SOY) www.soytoronto.org
    Community development program designed to improve the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and transgendered youth in Toronto through the involvement of youth and adult communities
  • The 519 Church Street Community Centre www.the519.org
    Serves the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities. Also serves the local neighbourhood, integrating all communities, genders and sexualities.
  • Youthdale Crisis Services youthdale.ca
    Outpatient consultation, residential treatment, and psychiatric crisis response for troubled youth and their families

Arts & Recreation

  • Regent Park Focus
    To increase civic engagement and inspire positive change by giving youth the tools and support to create artistic works and media productions.
  • Sketch
    For homeless and street involved youth : spaces for self-expression & skill-building, exhibition & sale of artwork, connections to mentorship and apprenticeship, support for education or a career in the arts
  • SOY – Supporting our Youth
    For LGBTQ youth: to create healthy arts, culture and recreational spaces for young people; provide supportive housing and employment opportunities, and increase youth access to adult mentoring and support.
  • Uforchange
    New Canadian and low-income youth living in and around St. James Town
  • Youth Media Arts Centre
    A youth led spoken word show that is broadcast on Radio Regent, also offers an opportunity for youth to learn DJ-ing and produce audio arts for public broadcast

Education & Skills

Skills Development

  • Heritage Skills Development Centre
    Services include literacy upgrading, a GED preparation course and computer skills training. Computer, French, Sewing Classes.

GED Programs

  • Beat the Street/Frontier College
    Services include literacy upgrading, a GED preparation course and computer skills training.
    For young people with psychosis to prepare for the Grade 12 equivalency exam, in both individual and classroom formats, at a pace that suits their own needs.
    416-535-8501 ext. 7300

Government Forms

Health & Wellness

  • Anxiety BC provides a rich resource of self-help information and programs, as well as resources for parents and caregivers.
  • Canadian Lung Association: Teens & Smoking
  • Just For Kids Clinic
    Paediatric walk-in clinic for children up to and including 17 years of age, on the Third Floor, in the Our Lady of Mercy Wing at St. Joseph Hospital
  • Queen West Community Health Centre
    Provides intake, health care, dental, mental health and counselling, parent-child workers, and health promotion services for street involved youth
    (416) 703-8482
  • Quit Smoking Community
  • Shout Clinic
    Provides intake, health care, dental, mental health and counselling, parent-child workers, and health promotion services for street involved youth
    (416) 703-8482
  • Tobacco-Free Life
    The Tobacco-Free Life Organization is a leading organization with a mission to save lives by ending worldwide disease, damage and death caused by tobacco. This is accomplished through research, education and advocacy.




  • Arrabon House
    Arrabon House for women 13 -18, a group home that provides 24-hour support in a structured and home-like environment.
    Lanthier Place, provides co-op housing to women 16 – 24 as a transitional, independence based living environment
  • George Herman House
    Provides opportunities to learn and master essential life skills, realistic goal setting, financial budgeting support, engaging in the greater community through resources, education and training, as well as interpersonal skills, i.e. conflict management, social interaction
    (416) 924-2539
  • Margaret House
    Housing and services for women 18 and older recovering from mental health issues.
    (416) 463-1481


  • Beverley Lodge
    High-support group home with on-site staffing 24/7, serving at-risk young men, 18 and under



  • C.A.S.H / Houslink
    House link offers shared, self-contained and family units to individuals with histories of mental illness.
    (416) 979-1994 ext 224
  • Sprott House
    Provides assistance to youth who are emotionally unstable, living in poverty, lacking the education, employment, or life skills needed, having trouble with the law, experiencing mental illness, struggling with addictions, or are suffering from the stress of traumatic experiences
    416-928-9622 or 1-800-223-8024
  • Toronto Community Housing
    Provides affordable housing, connects tenants to services and opportunities, and work together to build healthy communities.
    (416) 981-5500

Jobs & Volunteer


  • List of Canadian Job Search Websites
  • How to Write a Resume
  • Canadian Hearing Society
    job-related counselling, help with interviews, interpreters, job accommodations and supports (TTYs and other communication devices)(416) 928 2504
  • Career Horizons
    4-week pre-employment program for youth living in shelters, transitional housing, and other unstable conditions. Provide support in obtaining skills and training, furthering their education, and/or finding apprenticeship, volunteer, and employment opportunities.(416) 781 9898
  • Evergreen
    Volunteer program: help on the ground, behind the scenes, in the office, in the field and with the community; conduct research, deliver programs, plant trees, take photos and provide leadership(416) 596-1495
  • JVS Jewish Vocational Services
    Connects youth ages of 16-29 who are out of school and out of work through employment, school and/or training(416) 636-2481
  • Operation Springboard
    Provides pre-employment supports and job development for youth aged 16 and up, pre-employment supports for those on Ontario Works, and Summer Job development (and subsidies) for students (aged 15 – 30) who are returning to school in the fall.(416) 849-4421
  • St. Christopher HouseToronto Youth Job Corps
    Connecting youth (16-29 who are out of school and unemployed) to the workplace through employment, school, and/or training(416) 848-7980 ext. 228
  • VPI Employment Services
    Resume assistance, interview coaching, job marketing, help with employment related communications, group seminars, access to resources and technology(416) 784-9544 or 1-888-336-9500
  • YES – Youth Employment Services
    Provides employment counseling, training & job placement services for youth and adults; also Offers business skills training to youth who want to start their own business(416) 504-5516

LGBTQ Services