Our core beliefs

These are the core beliefs that we work by. They inspire and inform all that we are, say and do, day in and out, at YouthLink.


Our vision

Above all else we imagine a strong Scarborough where all youth and their families are thriving.


Our mission

Together with our vision is this general statement about what we do. We join with youth, families and partners to highlight and develop strengths, aspirations and positive actions that improve the health and well-being of all who live, work, study and play in our community.


Our values

As we go about our work, we are guided by the following values. They help us to come together in the most fulfilling ways.

Leadership. Our actions model what we expect of ourselves as well as our co-workers, volunteers and clients. We aim to bring out the best in each other through strong relationships too. We also seek to show our professional ethics in what we do and the decisions we make.

Humanity. We are considerate of all people, including their backgrounds, abilities, skills, and viewpoints. Along with that we include everyone and celebrate individual differences. Our actions show us to be empathetic, of goodwill and honest as well.

Innovation. We are flexible and willing to change in order to adapt to our work and community. Moreover we are courageous in developing service initiatives for improving the well-being of our young people and their families.

Respect. We value all people for who they are and for their knowledge, skills and experiences. Furthermore we interact respectfully and fairly with all the people we serve and work with. We also encourage the same in return.

Excellence. We are competent and accountable in our work. To every situation we strive to bring clear judgment, thinking and reasoning. We also continually seek to accomplish all tasks to the best of our abilities and resources.

Through these values, we provide outstanding service to our youth and families, partners and community.


Our strategic priorities to 2019

  1. Maintain visible, quality, youth and family-centred services in Scarborough.
  2. Collaborate and partner for collective impact.
  3. Develop the organization for enhanced service capacity.
  4. Engage the community.
  5. Help youth transition to meaning employment, education and stable housing.
  6. Excel in governance.

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