Introducing YouthLink

So what about YouthLink has caught your attention?

  • Is it because you care about a young person or family that has a lot going on and is in need of answers?
  • Or you see the potential of the youth around you blocked by “something” and want to help them in some way?
  • Or Scarborough is your home and you want its future strengthened by its youth?

Whatever the case, we’re glad you’re here.  We hope you find our website useful.  If you like what you see, why not keep the contact going? Click HERE for the many ways to stay in touch with us.


Know YouthLink as a resource to youth and their families in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

During the year that ended on March 31, 2017, over 8,000 youth, aged 12 to 24, and their families received service from our organization.

They came to us seeking a wide range of support for their emotional well-being, mental health, and intellectual development. In response, we delivered over 100,000 service encounters with them.

As a result, those youth are now developing their strengths, building their life skills, and going after more promising, exciting futures. Moreover, they connect more positively now with caring adults on what they still want to learn.

Their success is what drives us at YouthLink to want to serve even more youth and families in Scarborough. For more on our record of service and results, read our 2016-17 annual report here: –> Good News Everyone.


Know YouthLink as a long-time community builder.

The Big Sister Association of Toronto created YouthLink in 1914. Over time we outgrew that name: in the 1970s we became Huntley Youth Services and, later, YouthLink.

Whatever our name, we’ve worked hard to help build our city and country to be youth-friendlier. Take a quick look at OUR HISTORY to see how much of a difference we’ve made to Toronto and Canada.


Know YouthLink as a change agent for Scarborough youth and their families.

We at YouthLink are not resting on our history or our past successes. There is much change still needed to strengthen Scarborough for youth and their families to thrive.  If you want to know what drives us now, click HERE for our core beliefs.


Know YouthLink as a local employer, a purchaser of goods and services, and a neighbour.

So today our staff numbers 70+. Among them are social workers, counsellors, child and youth workers, and youth peer educators. Many are full-time employees, some work part-time. Most work days while some work nights. All are professional, experienced and dedicated.

Our annual budget exceeds $6M, which also speaks to our length of service. We earn these funds through government contracts, foundation grants, individual donations and corporate sponsorships. We spend all that we earn, mostly on salaries, benefits and on the maintenance and operation of our 7 facilities at a high standard.

Speaking of high standards, YouthLink is currently accredited by the Canadian Centre for Accreditation. What that means to you is that a national organization that’s in the know has determined that our work today represents the best practices in youth mental health. Further, that we are taking the necessary steps to continue to improve on that quality. For more information on this Centre, click HERE.

Finally, YouthLink is also a neighbour to homes and businesses in a number of parts of Scarborough. We do our best to participate in community events, and to make ourselves available to our neighbours as they wish.


Know YouthLink as a recognized community partner.

Many people come to us through word of mouth. In addition, other organizations and professionals send their clients to us. Importantly, we’re told the reason for these referrals is that we have a lot to offer young people and their families. We’re proud of that. However, sometimes we don’t have the service people need. In that case, we too will refer them to one of our reputable partners.

Also connected to our community standing, YouthLink is a registered Canadian charity and an anchor agency of the United Way of Toronto and York Region. For the latest information on our charitable status click HERE


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