Our privacy policy

Under the law you have the right to control the information you share with an organization like ours. To exercise that right, you need to know a few things. Like, the reason(s) why information is collected in the first place. Or, what will you be asked? Like, who will get to see your answers, or hear about them, how and when?  And where is your information stored? And finally, if you don’t agree with this, who of the higher-ups can you talk to to work things out?

We want you to have this information as it relates to YouthLink. That’s because that’s the right thing to do. But also, by giving you those answers upfront, that’s another way we protect your right to privacy.


Know your right to privacy.

Read our privacy policy. To see it in full, as approved by our Board of Directors, please click HERE.


Ask about it.

If you find the words or ideas in our policy hard to wrap your head around, tell us that and what it is you are unsure of. Or just say you want it explained to you in simple language. Any staff member will be happy to walk you through it, or find you the best one in your case to do that.


Speak to the person in charge of our use of the policy.

Youthlink has Privacy Officer whose job it is to stay on top of how the laws and practices concerning privacy are changing, and keeping ours up-to-date with those changes.  Simply send an email asking that she contact you. To reach her, please click HERE and send an email with the subject “Privacy request‘.


Our staff hold all requests for support to understand this policy, like all other requests, in confidence. Also, we believe there are no questions about this policy that are too big, too small or too unimportant to ask about. If it’s a question or concern for you, it’s a priority for us to get you the information you need to feel comfortable. So please, take the time to know our privacy policy as it applies to you.

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