Tyler McGill Music Scholarship Program

There is no better story about Scarborough being a caring community, than this one about music education. Read further on for the program details on music lessons.

Free Music Lessons for Youth 14 to 24

  • Instruments for practice included
  • Drop in Saturdays year-round, 11am to 2pm
  • Near Warden subway – Free parking
  • Start when you wish, come as you can
  • Try the electric or acoustic guitar, keyboard, drums, bass, alto or tenor sax, trombone or trumpet
  • Voice coaching also available
  • Learn from 2 expert music coaches
  • Help pick the tunes you’ll learn


Who was Tyler McGill?

Tyler McGill logoTyler was a young Scarborough man who loved music and his guitar. Sadly, in the summer of 2007, his life came to a tragic end from a senseless act of random violence. To rise above the pain of their loss, his family and friends sought the best way to remember Tyler. In the end, they chose to create the chance for other Scarborough  youth to learn an instrument, play their favourite sounds and enjoy music just as Tyler had.


Having an idea is one thing, to turn it into reality quite another. The group decided to take a chance on organizing a fundraising concert in Tyler’s name at Scarborough’s Queen Victoria Pub. So encouraged were they by the results that they organized another concert the next year and every one since.


Initially various community-based music programs for at-risk youth received the monies raised. With time there came to be enough money to launch an entire program in Tyler’s name. That’s when the group approached YouthLink to run with the idea. With that, in January of 2014, the Tyler McGill My First Guitar Program was born. That spurred the program to gain even wider support, from Tyler’s family and his friends, their friends, MUSICOUNTS and, in 2017, the TD Bank. As a result, today, many young people have the chance to choose from a variety of instruments in order to learn to play their favourite popular music in a group setting led by a recognized musical instructor. Tyler would be tickled.


What will I receive on joining this program?

A scholarship under this program provides a deserving young person with everything he or she needs to get in the groove and play a popular instrument!

Specifically, you will given the instrument of your choice and a case to keep. Choose from a guitar, bass, sax, trumpet, trombone and drums.

Along with those you’ll also receive 10 lessons in a group setting. Lessons are held on Saturdays beginning at 11am at our 747 Warden Avenue location.

To pull this off, YouthLink works closely with program partners Long & McQuade Musical Instruments and musical instructor Stephen Worrall of 4 The Music.


How do I apply for it?

If you’re between 14 and 21 years old, you’re eligible. Simply fill out the application form. For details and to obtain the form, please call our office at 416-967-1773, ext. 278.


I’m more interested in supporting the program. How do I do that?

First of all, thanks for your interest in our community, organization, and work!

To help our music scholarship program, you can purchase a ticket for the next Tyler McGill Fundraiser. It’s usually held in April or May each year. Stay tuned to the YouthLink EVENT CALENDAR for the exact date.

Otherwise, you can DONATE to YouthLink, stating that you would like your money to go to this program specifically. In deciding on an amount, keep in mind that one scholarship for a deserving young person costs $400. And that every little bit counts!

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Tyler McGill Music Scholarship Program is held most Saturdays from 11am to 2pm at 747 Warden Ave – just north of Warden Subway station