RSVP for Know What’s Out There

RSVP for Know What’s Out There

Did you know that the number one resource that young people turn to when gripped by feelings of loss, anxiety, depression, even suicide, is another young person? That is if they turn to anyone at all which is even more likely, so the research tells us.


We at YouthLink want to promote another option. “Know What’s Out There” is our open forum to inform adults who care about our youth who are facing these and other overwhelming emotions. We want to share the signs of these feelings and the kinds of words to use. We want you to know where to point them toward and what can they expect if they go there. We also want to discuss how these answers change if the person in front of you is the youth, or their parent or caregiver.


Join us on Thursday, May 4, beginning at 5 pm, at Scarborough Golf and Country Club, for this focused, no-cost discussion on these matters and any questions from the audience. YouthLink staff will be on hand immediately after the session to address any remaining queries that attendees may have.


Details of this event are listed in the attachment. Feel free to bring a friend.


If you are interested in attending, we would really appreciate it if you RSVP now by clicking here so we can prepare for the right number of people.

The brief time you spend with us on this occasion will go a long way to helping Scarborough be where all our youth and their families thrive.

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