YouthLink is committed to providing excellent customer service to all clients, including people with disabilities.  When serving clients with disabilities, reasonable efforts shall be made to provide the same level of service given to other clients and service shall be provided in a manner that respects their dignity and independence.


The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) was created with the goal of developing standards that would improve accessibility for people with disabilities across the province.  The AODA allows the provincial Government to develop specific standards of accessibility and enforce them.


YouthLink aims to make sure that people with disabilities are given the same chance to get, use and benefit from YouthLink’s services.  Reasonable efforts will be made to make sure that services offered by YouthLink are delivered in a way that:


  • Respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities

  • Is offered in the same way as to other customers, unless a different way of offering the service is necessary, either on a temporary or permanent basis

  • Gives everyone the same chance to get, use and benefit from the services

  • Communicates with a person with a disability in a way that takes the person’s disability into account


For more information please see our Accessibility Policy and Plan.