Parenting & Family Support


parent-teen-talk-300x249A positive home environment makes a critical difference in the well-being of our youth and YouthLink seeks to involve family and/or care-givers wherever possible in working with youth.




We have three specialized programs that offer support to parents and care-givers:


Positive Parenting Groups

Groups help parents and care-givers build skills so they can understand and support adolescent development, provide a positive family setting and connect with other services in their community… Read more ->


Support to Families of Youth who have an Intellectual Disability

Our Family Support Workers help parents and caregivers access appropriate services for youth with an intellectual disability, provide individual support to families and lead monthly parent support groups…Read more ->


WrapAround Family Services

Our program puts families with multiple needs in charge of their lives by working with them on a plan and support team to help them achieve their goals. Families are referred through child welfare services… Read more ->


Additional resources for parents –> HERE!