Services in schools

Services in schools

Alot influences a student’s success at school. Some factors can get in the way of a student’s understanding of lessons, of completing homework and of preparation for tests. When these factors do arise, the student can become very discouraged. It’s hard for a young person, often by him or herself, counter the culture they’re in, some of the people around them, the strengths they were born with, or the behaviours they earned earlier in life that can get in the way of  their education.

YouthLink has a long supported students deal with these and other barriers to their academic performance. Among our solutions are partnerships with Scarborough schools for the creation of a special kind of student group. Ours are geared to promoting self-esteem, positive social skills and the effective management of anger. To succeed we tailor each group’s activities to fit the needs of the students involved.


Anger management program in specific Scarborough schools

In the case of Grade 7 and 8 students who are at risk of leaving their studies, underachieving, or being expelled due to aggressive or inappropriate behaviour, we can help. Our Anger Management group may be right for them. We developed this program and continue to run it in several Scarborough schools. Specifically, the groups help the participants come to:

  • Understand more clearly the origins of their anger and what external social factors can contribute to it;
  • Identify the triggers of their angry even violent behavior;
  • Be more conscious of the degree of their anger;
  • Learn ways to communicate their needs and resolve conflict more effectively;
  • Recognize different anger styles;
  • Try different coping strategies, such as relaxation and visualization; and
  • Hear about additional student services and resources in the community that may be helpful.

A school must request that a group be set up. Those that do will have groups running from November to May. For more information please contact 416-967-1773 ext 205


Is this for me?

To be able to join a school group you must be:

  • Attending senior public school;
  • Have family, social or behavioural issues that are interfering with your academic success; and be
  • Willing to participate in a group with other students in your school who are facing similar challenges.

Groups help young people explore and manage the issues that of concern to them.


What can I expect?

Groups meet during the school day once a week for approximately one hour.  It is led by a YouthLink staff member and someone from your school. At the first session, you and the participants will come up with rules for how the group will work together, and each member must commit to following them. After that group sessions typically include presentations, discussion and interactive exercises.


How do I get in touch?

Requests for specialized groups should be made by school staff including social workers, guidance counselors and other school personnel.  Please contact Cynda Aston at 416-967-1773 ext 205 to inquire about having a group in your school.

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