Co-op Housing with Mentoring


The Co-op Housing Program provides affordable housing for young people ages 16-18. Young people are able to  stay for up to a year, with longer time periods possible upon application. The program provides young people the opportunity to practice life skills and live cooperatively with others.


The program helps support young people in maintaining and enhancing their schooling and employment, as well as connecting with community resources and social supports. The program provides help to young people as they transition to their next housing option, including assistance with accessing financial and housing supports as well as completing housing applications.


Is this for me?


The program has four co-op houses with a total of 16 beds:

  • One is a mixed gender house located in Scarborough

  • Three houses are for self-identified young women. Two are located in central Toronto and one is located in the west end near High Park. All houses are within walking distance of subway and public transit

  • Rent is $335 a month, which includes furniture, a house landline phone, cable, utilities, dishes and a shared TV. Items such as bedding, clothing, toiletries, food and transportation are not provided by YouthLink. Three of the four homes have live-in mentors

  • The length of stay is up to one year, with longer stays possible. The intake coordinator will set a move-out date for the youth to work towards during the intake process.

  • The program provides a safe and inclusive environment for young people from varying ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities.


Resident Responsibilities


  • Young people are responsible for planning their own daily activities and must be in school, working, volunteering, in a training program or a combination of these

  • Young people must be willing to prepare their own meals and buy their own groceries and must help in the cleaning of the shared areas of the house

  • Young people must be able to function safely with themselves and others in an unsupervised setting

  • Young people are responsible for following the rules and expectations of the program


If you are between 16 and 18, looking for affordable, well-maintained accommodation, involved in a school/employment program during the day, and interested in shared living space, then this might be for you.


How do I apply?


If you would like to apply to the YouthLink Co-op Housing Program, here’s how to do that:

  • Call us at 416-967-1773 ext. 222

  • If you have already completed an application form, you can fax that to ATTN: Intake 416-967-7515