Are you a family member seeking help for your child or relative?


As experienced mental health care professionals, we work with youth and their families to determine what services are needed and then provide ongoing review and follow-up.


At YouthLink we help youth and their families with issues  grief and death aftermath, family conflict, separation and divorce, school issues (behaviour, attendance, performance), substance misuse, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, gender and sexuality issues, self-harm and suicidal behavior, physical and/or sexual abuse and family violence. This list is by no means exhaustive—if you are concerned about a young person’s safety or mental health, we are here for you.


You may choose to attend our Walk-in Clinic (parents, family members and caregivers often find it helpful to attend on their own without the youth), or call for more information. After listening to your concern, we may determine it’s appropriate to direct you to another resource. A visit to our Walk-in Clinic is the gateway to most of our programs and services.


We offer a number of programs to meet specific needs which include:


  • Counselling for youth and families
  • Walk-in counselling clinic
  • Positive Parenting Program
  • Residential program and co-op Housing with mentor
  • School based mental health programs
  • Wraparound programs for young and/or homeless parents (age 25 and under)
  • Family support for youth with developmental delays