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What’s Up? Walk-In counselling clinic at 636 Kennedy Road

(416) 967-1773 extension 200
Leave a voice message with your name and number to get a call back.

Please call ahead to confirm the hours of operation and which days your preferred language is offered. All our same-day sessions are available in-person only.
Beginning May 6th, our WUWI clinic will once again open on Thursdays.

Monday: 2pm – 6pm (visit us between 11am-4:45pm)

Tuesday: 2pm – 8pm (visit us between 1pm-6:45pm)

Wednesday: 2pm – 8pm (visit us between 1pm-6:45pm)

Thursday: 2pm – 6pm (visit us between 11am-4:45pm)

Emergency shelter and transition home

747 Warden Avenue,

Scarborough, ON M1L 4A8

Phone: (416) 864-4444 ext 300

Warden Shelter employment opportunities please click: apply for job

Scarborough Village Pathways to Education

1 – 3545 Kingston Road, Scarborough, Ontario M1M 1R6

Phone: (647) 351-0091

Fax: (647) 351-0092

Monday 9:30a.m.–6:00p.m.

Tuesday 9:30a.m.–6:00p.m.

Wednesday 9:30a.m.–6:00p.m.

Thursday 9:30a.m.–6:00p.m.

Friday 9:30p.m.–5:00p.m.

Weekends Closed

Danforth Community Space

596 Danforth Rd

Scarborough, ON M1K 1E7

By appointment only

Corporate Head Office

636 Kennedy Road,

Scarborough, ON M1K 2B3

Phone: (416) 967-1773 ext 0

Fax: (416) 967-7515

Monday 9:30a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Tuesday 9:30a.m.–5:00p.m.

Wednesday 9:30a.m.–5:00p.m.

Thursday 9:30a.m.–5:00p.m.

Friday 9:30p.m.–4:00p.m.

Weekends Closed