Donate Now

The support of staff at YouthLink is the reason I’m where I am now.

I’m 19 years old and a second year student at Centennial College where I’m studying to become a singer/songwriter and live sound technician/engineer. My whole life, music has just been my thing. Working with the staff at YouthLink, and being part of the Pathways to Education program as well as other services, I gained the confidence to follow my dreams. 

YouthLink’s staff supported me far beyond my schooling. They are so on point and always there for you. The pandemic was hard; it was hard to stay focused and get my school work done and, sometimes, I just felt down. Accessing services at YouthLink was so helpful and easy. Staff are always ready to help me in whatever way I need; whether it was helping me with school work and postsecondary applications, listening and guiding, or helping me apply for postsecondary scholarships to eliminate the financial stress on myself and my family. I wouldn’t have gotten the scholarships without YouthLink’s support in my interview process.  

What I really want to say is: please, if you’re able, donate to YouthLink because there are so many youth, especially in Scarborough, that need the guidance and support to realize that they don’t have to be what society makes them out to be. I feel like a lot of Black youth, my peers, are stuck getting involved with things they shouldn’t be doing because they think it’s cool. It’s really stressful as a community to see people struggling and thinking that is the only option for them when, with support, they can contribute to something good. 

You showing up as a donor for YouthLink will help them to continue showing up for young people.  

My dream for YouthLink is that they have the resources to do more outreach work, to go to more places where youth are hanging out to actually talk to them. For youth to know they’re not alone, that they have choices and that YouthLink is there to support them. Having the support now will impact their future as adults. Your donation can help make this dream a reality.  

If you can please consider becoming a monthly donor. It helps more than you realize.  

Saraphina Knights  

P.S. The youth who come to YouthLink, myself included, are fortunate to have a community of care, including donors like you, that is there for us when we need help, a caring relationship, a safe place to stay or time to heal so we can become the amazing adults doing something good that is inside us all. I hope you’ll take the time to donate support young people like myself.