YouthLink’s Janice Hayes (r) briefs Mark Hannivan, Tahir Siddiqui and Emanuele Barbaro (Home Depot Eglinton-McCowan store) on YouthLink’s progress in housing homeless youth in Scarborough.

Home Depot Canada Foundation has awarded $40,000 to aid in YouthLink’s work to house youth who are homeless in Scarborough. Part of the Foundation’s Orange Door Grant Program, this donation flows from its $20-million-dollar pledge by the end of 2018 to help provide lasting benefits to some of the 6,000 you who find themselves homeless every night in Canada.

In accepting the cheque Executive Director Janice Hayes recalled other big and small ways in which Home Depot Canada has assisted YouthLink in the past. Its previous $3K-$5K donations have gone toward renovating and repairing YouthLink’s residential treatment home and co-op houses. In addition, Home Depot Canada staff have planted flowers and painted rooms at these facilities. “Together, as funder and funding recipient, we are ensuring safe, stable shelter and support services for about 2 dozen homeless youth,” she added. The company’s Eglinton-McGowan store manager Emanuele Barbaro responded by characterizing this latest donation as  “the next step in our great partnership.”

Home Canada Foundation Canada and YouthLink celebrate their ongoing partnership to end youth homelessness in Scarborough.