Senior Manager, Youth Transitional Housing & Shelter Program – Job Post 1165

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Based in Scarborough, YouthLink provides a range of mental health services proven to build resiliency & improve life outcomes for youth at risk.

Last year we reached out to more than 8,700 young people and their families, helping youth to build connections with caring adults, develop their strengths, build new skills and pursue their goals for a more promising future. With the right support, guidance and opportunities, we believe that all youth can achieve their potential to succeed.

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DATE:  January 20, 2021
POSITION:  Senior Manager, Youth Transitional Housing and Shelter Program Full-time, Permanent
LOCATION:  747 Warden Avenue, Scarborough, ON M1L 4A8  
REPORTS TO:  Director of Housing  
DESCRIPTION:This position is responsible for managing all the functions within the Transition Housing and Shelter including planning, recruitment, supervision and training of staff, ensuring an effective shelter team, managing the provision of service, handling client issues and crises and ensuring all safety policies and procedures are in place and well monitored.     Key Responsibilities:   Works with the City of Toronto to ensure youth in the shelter system have optimal outcomes by providing intense case management and programming.  The management of the Youth Transitional Housing and Shelter program (YTHSP) will involve the following elements:   Builds program capacity through developing a staffing model, agreements, resourcing, hiring, assessing training needs.  Manages the day to day operations of the YTHSP.  Works with staff on the development and implementation of the YTHSP.  Ensures the provision of housing-focused case management, including triage, screening, assessment, individualized service planning, case conferencing, brokering, referrals and transition to follow-up. Ensures that staff conduct intake assessments for shelter referrals including: screening clients to assess appropriateness and fit to our service; ensuring that all current and background information is recorded that might be relevant to the treatment matching and planning process; participates and collaborates on all program admission decisions; participates in weekly triage teleconferences with Centralized Access to Shelter Services. Assesses effectiveness of counselling support and collaboratively alters approach to suit client needs. Ensures that aftercare follow up with clients occurs to monitor and assist with post-discharge issues.   Ensures the provision of client programming to meet client needs and support the client’s journey to independent living. Programming may include recreation, employment, life skills, substance abuse recovery, harm reduction, and trauma counselling.  Client programming will be customized and tailored to client needs. Assists with funding proposals as needed, as required.   Ensures the provision of community engagement & partnerships including referral, liaison & service resolution, establishment of a Peer Program, shared community programming, development of community relations & outreach.  Program logistics include developing formalized service partnerships, referrals, development of community relations strategies, collaborating on joint community events, developing participant agreements with agencies and community partners to achieve optimal results.    Ensure excellence in data collection & reporting, including developing a measurement framework, including fidelity measures, a data management system, regular reporting on both KPIs and system indicators, evaluation reports, data analysis for program and outcome evaluation, presentations to management and Board, conducting evidence based research and addressing funder requirements.                              Provides clinical direction and consultation in the team meetings and shift changes, including developing and conducting team training and development exercises. Provides case consultation for developing, implementing, coordinating and evaluating plans and programs designed to ensure that clients’ needs are met. Provides client counselling and treatment recommendations when required. Ensures that incident reports are completed and reviewed. Ensures the provision of a multi-disciplinary approach.       Develops professionally through supervision, team meetings, case consultations, external training events.                                                          Development and Implementation of the Agency’s Strategic Plan by participating in initiatives and committees to support the overall Plan.   Takes all reasonable and necessary precautions to protect his or her own health and safety and that of co-workers by complying and demonstrating knowledge of the policies, procedures and safe practices established by YouthLink. Serve on the Health and Safety committee locally or for the agency as a whole.    

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, our What’s Up Walk-In services are now being offered online through video-conferencing. We know this is a stressful time for everyone, and we want you to be able to continue to access our counsellors and clinicians in a safe and secure way so we are now offering you online video-conferencing counselling and support.


Our E-Counselling What’s Up Walk-In service will be open Monday – Friday until further notice. If you would be interested in booking one of our daily video-conferencing appointments for a counselling or support session with a clinician, call 416-967-1773 extension 222 and you will be connected to our Intake department. E-Counselling and support is also available for many of our other programs. Intake staff can provide you with more information if you are interested.


Although many of our staff are temporarily working off-site, all of our housing and residential programs continue to operate as usual.