Our accessibility policy

Serving all young people who seek YouthLink’s help well is our biggest goal. That means treating youth with and without disabilities, and their parents, alike as much as circumstances allow.

Our commitment

We want every person of every ability to experience our work at the same high standard. Also, to feel that we respect their dignity and independence as individuals. And to know that persons with disabilities receive service in the same way as others unless that’s simply not possible.
We want everyone to hear and see us taking their ability into account when we interact with them.
As important, we look for partners who are involved with our clients to meet these same standards.
That in a nutshell is our commitment.

It’s also the law!

From time to time, living out this commitment day to day needs some guidance. For that we look to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005. Also known asAODA,’ this law is an important resource to us. The Ontario government created it in order to ensure that people with disabilities across the province could physically get to, use, and benefit from the services they need and want.  The government has developed specific standards of accessibility under this law, which it enforces.

  • Click HERE or more information on the Access for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and its implementation.

Our commitment to following this law is set out specifically in our policy on accessibility laid out HERE. Read about our plan for bringing that policy to life for the youth and families of Scarborough HERE.

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