Tamara Wisdom

Photo portrait of Tamara Wisdom
Board Member

Tamara Wisdom works for one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country and has over 20 years’ experience in negotiation, dispute resolution, customer relationship management and expert witness training. She works currently as a legal and privacy affairs support specialist within the Bell Canada executive offices.

Tamara is a mental health champion, advocate and volunteer whose expertise and experience led her to the role of the Women’s Advocate for UNIFOR Local 6006. Tamara has worked closely alongside Bell Community Affairs initiatives including Bell Let’s Talk, Backpacks for Kids, and Comfort Care Campaigns, where she has also served as the event prime for the annual Mental Health Awareness Week and Employee Giving Campaigns arranged for over 700 employees in the Scarborough area. Prior to joining the YouthLink board, Tamara was an active YouthLink volunteer as a member of the Golf Fore Youth and Community Investment committees.

Certified in workplace mental health (McGill University) and strategic public relations (University of Toronto), Tamara hopes to work towards ending the stigma which comes with mental health concerns, educate and support her community, and work towards giving a voice to the young people in need within Scarborough and surrounding areas.