Positive Parenting Program (Triple P)

Triple P Positive Parenting Program

A supportive home is so essential to a young person’s growth. Yet many parents and caregivers lack confidence in their roles. They often need help to understand how best to nurture their child. They appreciate the opportunity to learn different strategies to manage troubling behaviour.  And they could use a hand in finding the right services that may be needed.
YouthLink offers parenting programs throughout the year to help parents and caregivers like you learn new skills, and how to provide a positive home environment for your adolescent children.
The Triple P Positive Parenting Program is an award-winning, clinically proven 8-week program for parents or caregivers of youth aged 12-21 years to help you manage troubling behaviour.  You will develop new skills to create a positive family setting for your adolescents, understand how your behaviour and beliefs affect your parenting style and develop ways to cope with outside influences including school, friends, media and technology.  Groups cover topics such as teen development, using behaviour contracts, and encouraging appropriate behaviour. We emphasize practical application of parenting skills through role play and other methods and encourage parents to share their experiences and learn from each other.  Parents often form bonds with each other and remain in touch after the sessions.  Light refreshments provided.


Triple P groups run three times a year, Spring, Summer, and Fall.
For more information or to register please call intake at 416-967-1773 Ext 222. 

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 Pamela’s story  “All of a sudden, I was not alone” 

A single mother on a tight budget, Pamela was having difficulty with her 15 year-old daughter, her only child. The conflict between them had increased after her daughter entered high school. Her efforts to manage the situation were unsuccessful and reached a critical point when her daughter was taken into the care of the Catholic Children’s Aid Society, a situation that neither mother nor daughter wanted. Depressed and feeling there was no way out, Pamela decided to try the Triple P Positive Parenting group. The experience turned her life around.
 “All of a sudden, I was not alone. It was such a relief to meet other parents from all different backgrounds who were also dealing with kids not living at home. The group became like family and I learned so much – it definitely made me a better parent. The most important thing for me was to ‘step back and listen’ and speak more calmly. I also learned to set limits and establish consequences that work for my daughter, but at the same time give her more choices.” 
Pamela’s daughter has since returned home. Life is not perfect but Pamela feels confident that she can handle any future conflict. She has found the Walk-in Counselling service a big help: “Now if I’m getting stressed out, I know I can come here on a Wednesday.” With the future looking much brighter, Pamela and her daughter are making plans to spend time together cooking, an interest they both share. “She is a kind child, and I am now seeing that side of her.”


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, our What’s Up Walk-In services are now being offered online through video-conferencing. We know this is a stressful time for everyone, and we want you to be able to continue to access our counsellors and clinicians in a safe and secure way so we are now offering you online video-conferencing counselling and support.


Our E-Counselling What’s Up Walk-In service will be open Monday – Friday until further notice. If you would be interested in booking one of our daily video-conferencing appointments for a counselling or support session with a clinician, call 416-967-1773 extension 222 and you will be connected to our Intake department. E-Counselling and support is also available for many of our other programs. Intake staff can provide you with more information if you are interested.


Although many of our staff are temporarily working off-site, all of our housing and residential programs continue to operate as usual.