WrapAround Family Services

WrapAround Family Services

The WrapAround service is for those youth and their families with multiple needs linked to living together in the same home. Young people who are at risk of a placement or who are currently in a placement but aiming to return home earlier are at the heart of this program. Its focus is on strengthening each family’s strengths as a unit, and encouraging it to make positive connections in the community.
YouthLink’s Wraparound facilitators work with each family to build a plan. Part of that plan is to bring together friends, relatives, members of faith community as well as service professionals as a support team for the family. This team will share resources, solve problems and coordinate activities with the family, all in line with the family plan.
The Wraparound model has proven to produce positive results. Unique characteristics of this model that explain its success are these:

  • Each family directs its own plan, making it very specific to it.
  • Each plan is made to be flexible, allowing for it to be adjusted as time goes on.
  • Any aspect of a plan, or the entire plan, that does not meet the needs of the family are changed.

The individual/family always has:

  • A choice about the services they receive.
  • A voice in the manner in which they receive services.
  • The ownership of decisions that affect their lives.

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