Live-In Treatment at Constance House

This program offers a safe, caring home, with professional staff on-site around-the-clock. While here you’ll decide on personal goals and how best to go after them. You’ll also prepare to live on your own or return home. We’ll encourage you to be in touch with supportive family members, friends, and community groups. Finally, you’ll be expected to work with our residential counsellors, participate in life skills groups and available recreational activities, as well as family therapy (if recommended).

Residential Treatment at Constance House

Program Overview


What is the program based on?

Key to our program is the sense that our staff members are part of your team, just like in any relationship between a young person and a caring adult. That means a few things to us.

As caring adults, we’ll consider you to be the ‘expert’  in what is working for you, or not, in your life. We’ll respect your past experiences, your present situation, and your dreams about the future. We’ll seek to understand them clearly and incorporate them into our work together.

We’ll also believe that you are doing the best that you can, and that you will act and/or do better when you are safer, happier, supported by trusting adults and feel better understood by those who care for and about you. Building on those principles, we’ll work with you to highlight and explore your strengths, your willingness to make decisions about your life, and your participation in making those decisions for yourself.

We’ll also stress that whatever changes you’re after, they’ll come from learning new skills. We do not use rewards or punishments to make a young person change.

What are the program steps after acceptance?

  1. Assign a Residential Counsellor to work with you and, if appropriate, your family during your stay at the live-in treatment home.
  2. Provide you with an initial network of local supports for decreasing any sense of disconnection from others.
  3. Help you set your life goals and develop lifelong strategies to overcoming any challenges.
  4. Introduce you and, if appropriate, your family to our YouthLink therapists, to address any internal or relational conflicts.
  5. As you develop in meeting your daily needs, you will progress in the Program, which places a higher emphasis on self-sufficiency and life skills, and begins to connect residents with the community and/or family supports.
  6. Long-term, assist you in developing the capacity to have health, meaningful relationships and move to more independent living in the community.


Is it for me?

This program has two components: one for young people who require a fair amount of support and direction; and the other for young people who need less support and are preparing for semi-independence or independent living. You have to be able to function in a community setting and be willing to participate in a treatment residence.

General Information
Are you eligible for treatment at Constance House?

This program is open to female identified youth and youth who are gender fluid, non-binary and transitioning from male to female and female to male (if they are comfortable living in the space), and who are:

  • Aged 14 to under 18,
  • In need of intensive live-in support away from family, foster family or group home,
  • Looking to address their emotional wellness and mental health while learning life skills, and
  • Agree to live in a diverse, inclusive home with up to 8 other youth and our staff.

Our program will focus on programming for female identified youth, to create an experience which empowers female identified youth and dismantles oppressive male power dynamics.

How long can a person stay?

You can stay on until you and we agree that you’ve achieved your goals, or you turn 18 years of age.

How do I apply?

All applications are being processed through HelpAhead as a central point of intake; they work with every live-in treatment program in Toronto and can assess which one will best meet each youth’s needs. If you are an existing YouthLink client, speak to a member of staff to assist with your application. Clients new to YouthLink can reach out directly to HelpAhead at 1-866-585-6486 or

For more information, please call us at
416-967-1773 ext. 200