YouthLink Shelter

Our shelter program provides youth with emergency shelter.

Program Overview

We provide youth in need with a bed and connect you with a case manager and a housing worker.

General Information
Are you eligible for Youthlink Shelter?

Our shelters are available to youth aged 16-24 and their pets.

How soon can you enter the shelter?

We move young people in as beds become available. Currently, we are at capacity so there is a waitlist, managed by City of Toronto’s Central Intake. Please call Central Intake at 416-338-4766, 1-877-338-3398 or by dialing 311 to access an available bed in the youth shelter system, or to inquire about wait times.

How long can you remain in the shelter?

The length of your stay will be determined with your case manager.

For more information, please call us at
416-967-1773 ext. 200

To access a City of Toronto shelter, call 311 or their Central Intake at 416-338-4766, 1-877-338-3398. These are city numbers; they have access to all beds across Toronto. If there is a request for YouthLink specifically, they will refer to us if we have space.