Youth outreach worker program

YouthLink employs 4 Youth Outreach Workers (YOWs): 2 in the Kennedy Park/Eglinton East neighbourhood and 2 in Scarborough Village. These Workers are out in these communities every day, talking to young people about what’s on their minds. Our Youth Workers. If and when a young person asks for help, say with school, work, family, emotional or physical health, the justice system, or the neighbourhood, our YOWs have alot to offer.

  • The very contact with one of our Youth Workers can prove to a young person that connecting with a community resource, in this case YouthLink, can be a positive experience that leads to real results.
  • Moreover, our YOWs can offer a word of advice, helpful information about a community service or a needed phone number for the youth to call for immediate help, say in a crisis.
  • Our Youth Worker can also encourage the young person to follow through on connecting with any community resource that is recommended. Later, our Youth Worker can check to see how that went.
  • Sometimes our Youth Worker will contact a community resource on a young person’s behalf to advocate for what is needed.
  • Our Youth Workers can also promote awareness in the community of the positive contributions that youth are making to life in these neighbourhoods.


If our YOWs are in a great position to assist with matters related to school, work, healthcare, mental health and well-being, and the justice system, it`s for one simple reason.  They know what’s what because they are in touch often with the organizations they recommend, on behalf of other youth. They’ve got alot of experience too, having worked day in and out with youth, parents, health promotion officers, schools, police and other youth service providers for some time. And they only have one motive: get youth the access that’s needed to the programs, services and opportunities needed for healthy development.


Here are just some of the organizations you might hear about from a YouthLink Youth Outreach Worker:


In the Kennedy Park/Eglinton East community (see further down for Scarborough Village)


Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre
2467 Eglinton Ave. East (near Kennedy Park Subway Stn), Scarborough, ON M1K 1A1
Tel: (416) 396-4043

Offers a range of programming for youth, including drop-in basketball.  Call for more information.


Pro-tech Media Centre – operating out of the (click here) Kennedy Park Library, ProTech centre offers free workshops for youth ages 13-30 on new media including website design, graphic design, digital music and video production and digital photography.  For more information, contact:  Ainsworth Slowly  647-345-1448


(Click here) Kennedy Park Branch, Toronto Public Library
2380 Eglinton Ave. East at Kennedy Rd.
Tel: 416-396-8924
This is a youth-friendly space that offers use of computers, internet access and reading materials available at no charge.


The Mid-Scarborough Hub
2660 Eglinton Avenue East at Brimley
Tel: 416-640-7390

The Hub offers health care and social services for local area residents.


Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture – youth programs 13-24 years
2425 Eglinton Ave. East, Unit 218/220
For more information, contact Mbalu Wembo  416-750-3045

The Centre supports survivors of war in the process of successful integration into Canadian society. They also support youth (francophones included) with: school support, homework club, social recreational activities, one-to-one tutoring, job readiness workshops, and leadership activities.


In Scarborough Village


Scarborough Village Community Recreation Centre

3600 Kingston Road, Scarborough, ON

Tel: (416) 396-4048


Scarborough Village Action for Neighbourhood Change (ANC)

3600 Kingston Road, Scarborough, ON

Tel: (416) 847-4177


Canadian Red Cross

202 Markham Road, Scarborough, ON

Tel: (416) 267-0115


Cliffcrest – Toronto Employment and Social Services

2985 Kingston Road, Scarborough, ON

Tel: (416) 392-1460


YouthLink’s Youth Outreach Worker program is made possible through funding from the Ontario government’s Ministry of Children and Youth Services.


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, our What’s Up Walk-In services are now being offered online through video-conferencing. We know this is a stressful time for everyone, and we want you to be able to continue to access our counsellors and clinicians in a safe and secure way so we are now offering you online video-conferencing counselling and support.


Our E-Counselling What’s Up Walk-In service will be open Monday – Friday until further notice. If you would be interested in booking one of our daily video-conferencing appointments for a counselling or support session with a clinician, call 416-967-1773 extension 222 and you will be connected to our Intake department. E-Counselling and support is also available for many of our other programs. Intake staff can provide you with more information if you are interested.


Although many of our staff are temporarily working off-site, all of our housing and residential programs continue to operate as usual.